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Cooperation among Industry, Academia and Public Sector: The Green Technical Service Team creates a triple-win situation.

Cooperation among Industry, Academia and Public Sector: The Green Technical Service Team creates a triple-win situation.

The activity was held at the Civil Service Development Institute (No. 30, Sec. 3, Xinsheng South Road, Taipei City) on September 18th, 2018 (Tuesday). Foreign experts were invited to give lectures on the operation status and challenges faced by each member country in terms of green energy, resource recovery, microgrid, energy conservation, and wastewater treatment industry. Moreover, the achievements of the Green Technical Service Team and the market introduction were also shared in the activity. It’s hoped that the general public in Taiwan may have an understanding of the outstanding achievements of the Green Technical Service Team and the exchange among industries may be enhanced to create more business cooperation opportunities.

The green environmental protection issues have attracted increasing attention in recent years. The traditional energy no longer meets the growing demand by each country. In the pursuit of higher productivity, the attention on environmental protection and renewable and sustainable energy has been increasing year by year. The APO Center of Excellence on Green Productivity (COE GP) was established in Taiwan in 2013. The activities organized by COE GP and attended by the elites and experts from all walks of life have gained acclaim. The Green Technical Service Team has promoted cooperation in a number of Asian countries for almost four years since its establishment. With the joint efforts of the public and private sectors, the team has achieved many remarkable accomplishments.

In this year’s exchange with India, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, the Green Technical Service Team promoted the establishment of rural microgrid and energy storage system, planning of offshore island renewable energy grid system and training program, on-site visit and diagnosis of the sewage treatment plants, bioenergy technology and application system export, waste management technology and resource recovery equipment export, and export of the environmental protection and energy saving technology, equipment and service. Furthermore, the team has established a cooperation relationship with Thammasat University in Thailand, India National Productivity Council and Chennai Productivity Council, Department for Manpower Training of Ministry of Manpower of Indonesia, Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Laos. The team has achieved remarkable accomplishments through the cooperation platform.

In its efforts to promote the industrial collaboration, the Green Technical Service Team invited the participation of the domestic green industry manufacturers in line with the 2018 Taiwan-India Industrial Collaboration Summit. HT Green Technology Company gave a presentation on “‘Water Technology Application and Smart Management - Diagnosis and Improvement of Water Supplies in India”. The remarkable accomplishments include the signing of three letters of intent for cooperation in environmental technology, talent training, etc. by the industry professionals of the two countries. The Green Technical Service Team promoted the green productivity technology exchange based on the requirements of the member countries. In addition to export of technology and learning from other countries, the team spared no efforts to promote mutual exchange in the hope of creating more business opportunities for the domestic manufacturers in the future. The “Green Technical Service Team Experience Sharing Session” aims to share the resources provided by the Industry Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the “Asian Productivity Organization Implementation Plan” and make the accomplishments of the Green Technical Service Team available to the industries, as well as encourage the participation of more professionals in the team.