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Taiwanese Water Management and Environmental Manufacturers Advance to India

Taiwanese Water Management and Environmental Manufacturers Advance to India

For the first time, the APO Green Technical Service Team, Taiwan Environmental Manufacturers Association, HT Green Technology Co., Ltd., Yuan Chang Tsay Industry Co., Ltd., PASSAL Co., Ltd., and Water Technology Research Division of ITRI Material and Chemical Research Laboratory together organized a delegation to participate in the "Everything About Water Expo", the largest Indian water exhibition in South Asia, which was held in Greater Noida City from August 29 to 31. The event attracted numerous Indian industry leaders’ attention. This exhibition drew the participation of a total of 300 manufacturers from more than 25 countries. The Indian industry believes that Taiwan's water environmental protection equipment is of high quality and economical, making them competitive in the Indian market.

Taiwan had faced environmental challenges in the past. Moreover, considering that 70% of Taiwanese businesses are small and medium-sized enterprises, the government formed pollution prevention groups to help these small and medium-sized enterprises establish a sound pollution control system; in doing so, both parties have accumulated substantial expertise and experience. In addition to its affordability, Taiwan has the knowledge and experience that best respond to the elastic demand of the Indian market; hence, the products made in Taiwan will be extremely competitive in India.

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