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The APO Green Technical Service Team’s Advance to India

The APO Green Technical Service Team’s Advance to India

The Green Technical Service Team of Asian Productivity Organization (APO) visited Chennai in southern India and New Delhi in northern India in the period from April 23 to May 1. In addition to continuous promotion of smart city-related collaboration projects such as wastewater treatment, green technology, and smart control, the team negotiated for further collaboration in other fields.

After numerous visits by the Green Technical Service Team, Advantech and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) demonstrated wastewater treatment in Chennai in southern India, while Acer Being Communications took care of smart city promotion in northern India by discussing the potential collaborative solutions with Indian companies.

Mr. Po Chan-Ping, the team expert and General Manager of Acer Being Communication Inc., stated that Taiwan not only possesses good water management technology but also a well-rounded design for establishing a smart city. In terms of water management, Acer Being Communication Inc. offers a comprehensive solution consisting of smart water storage, smart water meters, and smart water leak detection. The solution is very suitable for India that only maintains 6% of its water reserve yearly and will improve the water usage and management in India. 

Since the Indian companies show a great interest in collaborating with projects involving the usage of Taiwan's technology, the two parties are setting their sights on a joint venture which will promote smart water management and smart city solutions in India.

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